Plan Management

There are four main ways under NDIS that you can choose to manage your NDIS funds.

You can choose one of the below methods or you can choose a combination of them.


Agency Managed NDIS Funds

Participant, or their nominee, choose the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to manage their plan. NDIA will arrange contractual arrangements with service providers and pay them directly, but participant can only use NDIS registered service providers.


Self Managing your NDIS Funds

Participant, or their nominee, manage the financial side of the plan themselves, including contractual agreements with service provider, payment of supports and claiming of the supports on the NDIS portal (which requires a MyGov account). Participant can use any service provider and is not restricted to NDIS registered providers.


Plan Managed NDIS Funds

Participant, or their nominee, choose a registered plan management provider.
Registered NDIS Plan Managers can organise provision of services through registered and unregistered service providers for participants. Plan managers organise the claiming of payments to service providers from the NDIA, payments to service providers and monthly statements that are sent to Participant’s or their nominee.


Combination of 1,2,3 NDIS Funds

If this option is chosen, different sections of a Participant’s NDIS Plan can be managed as Agency Managed, Self-Managed or Plan Managed.
Whoever is managing a specific section of a Participant’s NDIS Plan will manage all parts of that section.

Why Choose Plan Managed ?

Plan Management is a great option that gives participants the freedom and flexibility for Choice and Control that self-management provides, without the hassle of administrative duties. Choice – over the services they purchase, who provides them, and how much they pay for them. Control – over when and how those services are delivered.

Participants have the flexibility to buy supports from non-NDIS registered providers like local community members or organisations and Therapists who have chosen not to register.

Plan management undertake the day-to-day administration that comes with a NDIS plan, receiving invoices from providers, checking them for accuracy against participant’s plan, confirming that services are delivered, claiming monies from the NDIS, making payments to providers and sending clients a monthly statement.

If your NDIS Plan includes a support area named “Improved Life Choices” that means you have been funded by the NDIA to access Plan Management/Financial Administration services.

There is no cost to you when you have ‘Plan Management’ or ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your plan.

Support Coordinator In Western Australia

Why Choose us?

Bridge 2 Disability Care is your local Plan Management experts in Perth.

What differentiates us from others is that we offer personalised services and are available to come to you, should you require advise or have queries.

We are a NDIS Registered Provider and offer unbiased support that keeps our clients’ interests on top. As your Plan Manager, our aim is to offer you seamless support services with your NDIS funding, while saving time and effort in management. We will manage NDIS funds on participant’s behalf and keep track of support spending so that they don’t exhaust the funding over the period.

Plan Management services offered by us will give our clients the most choice and control without the hassle and administrative burden of self-managing funds. We look forward to providing the peace of mind that the financial aspects of a plan will be taken care of, giving opportunity to concentrate on providing the participant with the best services possible.

As your Plan Managers we will:

  • Make payments to service providers and manage your paper work
  • Ensure accuracy of invoices and process payments for services
  • Claim for payments from the NDIA
  • Develop monthly statements keeping your budget on track
  • Maintain detailed records in case of audit

More Choice

Flexibility to buy supports from non-NDIS registered providers

More Control

Track your NDIS budgets & spending in easy to read & understandable format.

Fast Payments

We pay the provider invoices within 4 business days

Trusted Advisor

Receive expert and unbiased advice on NDIS Plans and budgets

No Cost To You

Our service is free of charge for all NDIS participants

Ensure Accuracy

Ensure accuracy of invoices and process payments for services