How Bridge 2 Can Help You

At Bridge 2 Disability Care, we implement an individualised person-centred support care plan in partnership with the clients. We ensure client’s particular needs, goals and aspirations are taken into account. We carefully match our staff with clients to ensure a great fit to complement skill and personality. We encourage our clients to play an active role throughout the process.

We provide services to suit their needs, our workers are patient, caring and responsive to the individuals they support

Why Choose Us ?

  • We are accountable for high quality and flexible services through professional staff
  • We provide choice of control and encourage clients to play an active role
  • Our individualised approach matches staff and clients based on needs, skill, and availability
  • We exercise Transparency and Duty of care – no hidden costs
  • We are creative and make things happens that are fun, purposeful and connect you with community.

Are you looking for Disability Care Services? Contact us for more information about how we can support you!