Understanding NDIS Plan Management: A Guide to Making Informed Choices

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and funding can seem overwhelming due to various options and considerations.

At Bridge 2 Disability Care Plan Management, we are here to guide you through this journey with clarity and understanding.

NDIS Plan Management is a crucial support for participants, offering effective mechanisms to manage funds, service providers, and the NDIA.

But what exactly is Plan Management, and how it can benefit you?

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is a service that manages your NDIS funds on your behalf.

Your Plan Manager will pay invoices to your providers from your NDIS funding, keep track of your budget and keep appropriate records for audit purposes.

Plan Management is under the Capacity Building budget, in the support category Improved Life Choices. NDIS Plan Management funding is in addition to your support budget.

Knowing Your Options

There are four main ways under NDIS that you can choose to manage your NDIS funds.

  1. NDIA Management: Participant, or their nominee, choose the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to manage their plan. NDIA will arrange contractual arrangements with service providers and pay them directly, but participants can only use NDIS registered service providers.
  2. Self-Management: Participant, or their nominee, manages the financial side of the plan themselves, including contractual agreements with service provider, payment of support and claiming of the supports on the NDIS portal (which requires a MyGov account). Participant can use any service provider and is not restricted to NDIS registered providers.
  3. Plan Management: Participant, or their nominee, choose a registered NDIS plan management provider who can organise provision of services through registered and unregistered service providers for participants. Plan managers organise the claim of payments to service providers from the NDIA, payments to service providers and monthly statements that are sent to Participant’s or their nominee.
  4. Combination of 1,2,3 NDIS Funds:

If this option is chosen, different sections of a Participant’s NDIS Plan can be managed as Agency Managed, Self-Managed or Plan Managed.
Whoever is managing a specific section of a Participant’s NDIS Plan will manage all parts of that section.

What a NDIS Plan Manager Does-

A NDIS Plan Manager takes on various responsibilities to support you effectively:

  • Managing funds and budgets
  • Paying service provider invoices
  • Submitting claims to the NDIA
  • Develop monthly statements keeping your budget on track.
  • Maintaining detailed records for audit purposes
  • Offering guidance on NDIS processes

Why Choose Bridge 2 Disability Care:

We’re here to manage your NDIS funds, giving you more choices and control without the stress of day-to-day administration.

  • More Choice: Flexibility to engage services from non-NDIS registered providers.
  • More Control: Track your NDIS budgets & spending in easy to read & understandable format.
  • Fast Payments: We pay service bills within 4 business days.
  • Trusted Advisor: Get expert advice on NDIS plans without any bias.
  • No Cost to You: Our service is free for all NDIS participants.

Making informed decisions

Choosing the right NDIS management option is crucial for aligning with your needs and aspirations.

At Bridge 2 Disability Care, we understand everyone has unique support requirements.

Our team is here to help you choose what works best for you, guiding you towards support and independence, just the way you choose.


NDIS Plan Management is a great option that gives participants the freedom and flexibility for Choice and Control that self-management provides, without the hassle of administrative duties. Choice – over the services they engage, who provides them, and how much they pay for them. Control – over when and how those services are delivered.

If you have any queries or need assistance in making this decision, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bridge 2 Disability Care.

We work with participants and providers across Western Australia, and our focused approach ensures that you always receive professional, and reliable service.

Call Us at 08 6119 9696
Email us at info@disabilityserviceswa.com.au



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